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Getting Back to Class

There is a rich discussion happening about the segregation of casual academics in universities, a practice that treats casual staff as a less valuable, and perhaps less capable, underclass of academic workers. Rebecca Schuman succinctly articulated the some of the isolating sentiments experienced by casual academics in her recent post “Careful, He Might Think He … Continue reading

The Survey and the Damage Done

Student¬†surveys and teaching evaluation methods used are emerging as a hot issue amongst casual academics who rely on positive feedback as they teeter on the edge of unemployment. Just days after writing this post it appeared as the topic on #Adjunctchat.¬† The various locations and institutions of the participants in discussions such as these reveal … Continue reading

No time to be complacent about replacement

(Note: Many Australian universities are turning to the EOI (Expression of Interest) process as a way of introducing the principles of competitive recruitment to the continuous appointment of long-term casuals. EOI processes signal that the sector is acknowledging its dependency on casual teachers, and reflect the greater attention being paid to casualisation as a QA … Continue reading