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It gets worse

This post is co-authored by Jonathan O’Donnell of The Research Whisperer and by Kate Bowles and  Karina Luzia of CASA. It has been cross-posted to both blogs. We’re glad to be back in action at CASA — we had to take a break, and we’ve used the time to reflect on how best we can work together to achieve real change, … Continue reading

CASA news 04/16

The evenings are drawing in, and it’s time to start clearing our backlog of news on casualisation in Australian higher education, and around the world. While we’re at it, hello to our new CASA subscribers, and a cheer to the L H Martin Institute who were very prompt to update the report on their website into contingent academic employment to … Continue reading

CASA news 02/16

It’s week 1 of the new academic year all over Australian higher education. Academic casuals are getting back to work, juggling timetables, searching for space in shared offices (if that) and wondering how to meet university-mandated requirements for high quality teaching that are based on the vanishing fiction of an academic career, conducted from an office with a … Continue reading

CASA news 01/16

Hello, and welcome to the start of a new year of CASA news on casualisation in Australian higher education. This is a painful time for academic casuals trying to organise teaching contracts for the coming year, and we’re sending our good thoughts out to everyone in this fraught situation. We ended last year having a think about … Continue reading

Actual numbers, an update

Our last post drew attention to the publicly available WGEA reports, in which large Australian employer organisations (including Australian universities) report their staffing mix as part of a national commitment to collecting and reporting data on workplace gender equity. This data doesn’t have casualisation as its focus, but casualisation is one of the factors reported. It’s … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 14/15

Hello, and a springlike welcome back to CASA news. Australian readers will know it’s been an exciting time in Federal politics. We have a new Minister for Education, Simon Birmingham, while Christopher Pyne has relocated to the also relevant Ministry of Industry, Innovation and Science. Universities Australia welcomed the new Ministry. The Regional Unversities Network welcomed the new Ministry. The … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 13/15

Hello everyone, and welcome to the news that Australian higher education is about to face more headlines and press releases on the state of Minister Pyne’s package (“Pyne Spends $150,000 To Try And Get His Package Up” etc. etc.). As Parliament resumes next week for the Spring session, it looks as though the university deregulation proposals will come … Continue reading

CASA news 12/15

Welcome to a winter casserole of casualisation news for the mid semester break in Australia. At the end of last week we joined the Research Whisperer, NTEU, CAPA and NAPU (Australian higher ed loves an acronym) in a busy and stimulating Twitter chat on the problems of insecure work across Australia’s universities. #securework will continue as an ongoing … Continue reading

CASA news 09/15

After a short news hiatus, we’re back with updates on the casualisation of higher education in Australia and around the world. We’re in the managing expectations phase of the coming Federal budget, and the Minister for Education is promising “at least one surprise“. While we wait, the good news according to The Conversation is that the … Continue reading

Once more, with feeling

Last night, the ABC’s Four Corners ran a much anticipated piece on student recruitment and the management of academic standards in Australian universities, particularly as these issues relate to the international students on whom the sector depends. Degrees of Deception can be watched online, if you missed it, and has prompted this response from an experienced casual academic with a … Continue reading