Lover of rhythm, movement and words. Did a lot of teaching, facilitation and performance. Slogged away as a casual academic and PhD student. Now going to have a baby, and who knows. Maybe all of the above, maybe something different.
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Efficiency and Productivity in Australian Universities: The Casual Academic Experience

(When we kicked off this week, we mentioned the way that the annual Universities Australia conference had managed to canvas so many themes relevant to the experience of casual university workers without actually mentioning the word. In this post one of CASA’s new contributors takes up the challenge of reflecting on the UA themes: efficiency and … Continue reading

Why I’m Here (Annalise)

I am here because my passion, yes, love, and concern for how higher education is done is still alive!  Somehow.  I am  here because I want the reality of being ‘a casual’ to be known much more widely.  I am also here because this is a great initiative that may achieve good things. I studied … Continue reading