Comments, replies and moderation


Comments are warmly encouraged here. Our only caution beyond simple common sense in relation to courtesy  is that you don’t identify your institution or individuals by name, unless you have a really good reason for doing so.

But please also note that when you comment, the editors of the site do get to see your email address which may identify you to us as being at a particular institution, and we don’t disclose that.

We also welcome comments from our readers outside Australia.

The order of replies

We’re experimenting with options in relation latest first, oldest first, threaded comments, unthreaded comments.  So please bear with us if it looks like your reply just got thrown up in the air and landed randomly.


As we set out, the settings on this blog require only your first comment to be approved. Occasionally comments get held up in spam, and we’ll do our best to find them quickly.  If you’ve made a comment and you think it’s gone astray (or we have), don’t hesitate to send us a friendly nudge via casualcasa@gmail.com.




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We welcome your thoughts (update: oldest comments now appear first!)

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