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CASA news 12/15

Welcome to a winter casserole of casualisation news for the mid semester break in Australia. At the end of last week we joined the Research Whisperer, NTEU, CAPA and NAPU (Australian higher ed loves an acronym) in a busy and stimulating Twitter chat on the problems of insecure work across Australia’s universities. #securework will continue as an ongoing … Continue reading

CASA news 09/15

After a short news hiatus, we’re back with updates on the casualisation of higher education in Australia and around the world. We’re in the managing expectations phase of the coming Federal budget, and the Minister for Education is promising “at least one surprise“. While we wait, the good news according to The Conversation is that the … Continue reading

CASA news 06/15

Higher education’s been in the headlines in Australia this week thanks to the annual Universities Australia conference, and some speculation that the prospects for the deregulation package passing the Senate, were either improving, getting worse, or staying much the same. The UA conference is a bit of a birthday for CASA, as last year’s conference was the reason we got started. … Continue reading

CASA news 05/15

College teaching is one of the few jobs that has been turned from a good job into a bad job … in one generation. ‘Freeway Flyers–higher education’s best kept secret‘ trailer Here’s this week’s news on casualisation in Australia’s higher education system, where the government’s proposal for sector reform is once more being inspected by Senate committee. … Continue reading

CASA news 04/15: for #NAWD

Hello, and welcome to a midweek news post in support of National Adjunct Walkout Day (mostly) in the US. This is a major coordinated effort to raise awareness of the terrible state of the North American academic labour market—which is of course inseparable from the terrible state of the global academic labour market. There will be coverage … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 02/15

Welcome to another week of whatever-it-takes to achieve reform in Australian higher education. This week the NTEU did some polling on the recent media campaign to sell the benefits of deregulation: Of the just 22% who could recall the advertisements, only half understood that they were making the government’s case for university fee deregulation. Some 15% thought they were making … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 01/15

And … we’re back. CASA took a long summer break for health reasons, and now we’re back and ready to start sorting through the news pile. First, a very overdue thanks to everyone who helped us out and encouraged us last year. If you’d like to make a contribution to the higher education debate through CASA in … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 38/14

Hello, and welcome to this week’s roundup of things relevant to casualisation in Australia’s higher education sector. A bit of a backlog of news this week, as we took a break last week while falling down a hole and coming out with more questions than answers about the status of Australia’s casualised workers. What’s going on? Reform: … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 33/14

Here’s this week’s slightly delayed telecast of casualisation news from the perspective of Australian higher education. What’s going on? This week Erica Cervini (@thirddegreeblog) reported in The Age that universities are overenrolled to make up for funding shortfalls: Universities aren’t employing more staff – academics and professionals – to support increased numbers of students. As a … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 32/14

Hello, and welcome to a quick casualisation news round up this week. What’s happening here? Australian higher education is still waiting for the resolution of the reform bill consultation in Senate. At CASA we’re still waiting for anyone to notice that however higher education resolves the question of fee deregulation, a more price sensitive market is … Continue reading