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Casual Friday: a #securework chat

Between 1998 and 2006, the number of PhDs awarded in the OECD countries increased by some 40%, prompting discussion of PhD bubbles, academic inflation, diminution in quality and concerns that an expensively educated group would not find suitable careers and displace others in posts that traditionally did not require a PhD  Job security for early … Continue reading


CASA news 10/15

Welcome to the CASA news for issues affecting casual, adjunct, and sessional university staff in Australia and internationally. What’s been happening here The recent Federal Budget did nothing much to break the holding patterns within the Australian university sector regarding deregulation of fees, research funding, or official acknowledgement of casualisation across the sector. In short, … Continue reading

The new naive?

Following on from last week’s report on the BLASST summit, we’re delighted to welcome new CASA writer Dr Gail Crimmins, Associate Lecturer from the University of the Sunshine Coast, whose verbatim theatre research project on the lived experience of women casual academics was shown at the summit. Gail was one of two keynotes to suggest that … Continue reading

The new normal

Ahead of this week’s news, a quick report from the BLASST (Benchmarking Leadership and Advancement of Standards for Sessional Teaching) 2015 summit, held at Macquarie University. We were invited along with Katie Freund (@katiedigc), and Jen T. Kwok (@unicasual) from the NTEU, to talk about social media as a community of practice for academic casuals. Check out the … Continue reading

CASA news 06/15

Higher education’s been in the headlines in Australia this week thanks to the annual Universities Australia conference, and some speculation that the prospects for the deregulation package passing the Senate, were either improving, getting worse, or staying much the same. The UA conference is a bit of a birthday for CASA, as last year’s conference was the reason we got started. … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 36/14

Hello and welcome to the weekly CASA news. If you were at the Insecure Work conference or (more likely, given the location) weren’t, we’d really welcome your comment on our reflections on this. What did we miss? Jeannie Rea was certainly giving media interviews at the event so we’d be glad of pointers to mainstream national media … Continue reading

Insecure Work Conference: join us online

Ahead of next week’s Insecure Work Conference, we invited Jen Kwok from the NTEU to talk about how the proposed online dimension to these two days will work. When the conference was first put to us, we asked how effectively actual casuals would be able to be heard, especially given the conference location. Jen is a … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 34/14

Hello and welcome to this week’s news of things relevant to the casualisation of Australian higher education. This week the government is promising to wait “as long as it takes” to negotiate a result on the reform of higher education funding in Australia. Students currently appealing for extensions on final tasks, as well as casuals working weekends … Continue reading

What’s in a name?

Lovely to welcome Robyn May back to CASA this week. Robyn’s going to be speaking in Melbourne at an NTEU seminar on national and global trends in academic casualisation, on Thursday evening. For those who can’t make a Melbourne event, it’ll be live tweeted to the #auscasuals hashtag from 7pm AEST, and there should be a chance … Continue reading