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Actual numbers, an update

Our last post drew attention to the publicly available WGEA reports, in which large Australian employer organisations (including Australian universities) report their staffing mix as part of a national commitment to collecting and reporting data on workplace gender equity. This data doesn’t have casualisation as its focus, but casualisation is one of the factors reported. It’s … Continue reading


Actual numbers, actual people

For various reasons, we keep an eye on what comes out of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency which is the Australian Government statutory agency responsible for promoting and improving gender equality in Australian workplaces.* Of most interest is the WGEA’s publicly accessible and very search-friendly archive of the required annual reports by relevant Australian employers … Continue reading

The new naive?

Following on from last week’s report on the BLASST summit, we’re delighted to welcome new CASA writer Dr Gail Crimmins, Associate Lecturer from the University of the Sunshine Coast, whose verbatim theatre research project on the lived experience of women casual academics was shown at the summit. Gail was one of two keynotes to suggest that … Continue reading

The new normal

Ahead of this week’s news, a quick report from the BLASST (Benchmarking Leadership and Advancement of Standards for Sessional Teaching) 2015 summit, held at Macquarie University. We were invited along with Katie Freund (@katiedigc), and Jen T. Kwok (@unicasual) from the NTEU, to talk about social media as a community of practice for academic casuals. Check out the … Continue reading

CASA weekly news 22/14

A warming welcome to this week’s casualisation news in Australian higher education and a bit beyond, and hello to new subscribers. Last week, we asked some questions about the proposed profit-sharing scheme at the University of Canberra, and mentioned that we were puzzled by coverage from November last year that suggested the NTEU had supported this. … Continue reading

“The sleeper in the room”: casualisation and the 2014 OLT conference

A warm welcome to another new CASA contributor this week, with a report on the OLT 2014 Conference that many of us followed on Twitter.  There’s an accompanying Storify of the exchanges between those who were there, and those watching from home. We really welcome comment, especially from anyone who was there.  This past week, I … Continue reading

The research precariat (Tseen Khoo)

Dr Tseen Khoo is based at La Trobe University and co-runs the Research Whisperer blog. Did you know that about 85% of research staff in Australian universities are employed on fixed-term contracts? Professor Glenda Strachan and Dr Kaye Broadbent (both from Griffith University) wrote to The Australian Higher Education section recently (“Short contracts undermine research … Continue reading

Counting the casuals

You might have seen a couple of articles in the Higher Education Supplement of the Australian recently commenting on the newly released staff statistics for the university sector.  Every year universities are required to provide details of their staff numbers to the relevant department (now the Department of Education, formerly DIISRTE, DEEWR) as at 31 … Continue reading

Why I’m here (Robyn May)

I’m Robyn May and you might have read about my research in the Australian media recently. My PhD investigates the casualisation of academic employment in Australian universities. It was part of a larger ARC linkage project based at the department of Employment Relations and Human Resources at Griffith University, led by Professor Glenda Strachan. My research … Continue reading