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Why I’m here (My casual self)

I’m here to join the conversation about a different kind of research and teaching economy, one which recognises and values the contribution of casuals, contractors, part-timers and all the other bits and pieces. I’m here to speak out about everyday life as an academic without job continuity or security. I’m here to offer my perspectives … Continue reading

The Arrogance of Wizards, or A View From Dumbledore’s Office

Prof Andrew Vann is the Vice Chancellor of Charles Sturt University, Australia. We invite a wide range of views into CASA on how casualisation came about and how we might now proceed, because we know that those working casually can’t solve these problems on their own—except by walking away. CASA readers, you’re really warmly invited to comment … Continue reading

Why I’m here (andrew w)

I have a continuing position as a lecturer. I teach sociology and my research is around youth media, digital music, and the ways people talk about these in order to get moral and identity ‘work’ done. But I am also interested in academic life and academic culture and the work that is academic work: how … Continue reading

Why I’m here (The Smart Casual)

I already have an online presence for myself at The Smart Casual, where I seek to unpack the myths and realities of being a long-term casual academic and casual worker based on my own experiences, so “Why am I here?” is a good question. Being a casual academic  is oftentimes a lonely and isolating experience. … Continue reading

Why I’m here (Robyn May)

I’m Robyn May and you might have read about my research in the Australian media recently. My PhD investigates the casualisation of academic employment in Australian universities. It was part of a larger ARC linkage project based at the department of Employment Relations and Human Resources at Griffith University, led by Professor Glenda Strachan. My research … Continue reading

Why I’m Here (Annalise)

I am here because my passion, yes, love, and concern for how higher education is done is still alive!  Somehow.  I am  here because I want the reality of being ‘a casual’ to be known much more widely.  I am also here because this is a great initiative that may achieve good things. I studied … Continue reading

Why I’m Here (Karina)

I’m Karina, I’m a geographer, and I’ve been a sessional-casual academic (lecturer, tutor, unit convenor, academic developer, project officer, project manager, research assistant, postgraduate student, research officer) for nine years. I’m up to job contract number 22. That’s a lot of time sheets. I’ve worked as such in the sciences, arts and humanities, education, social … Continue reading