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Casualisation, (dis)ability and academia

We’re delighted to welcome new contributors to CASA this week, opening up a conversation about the additional challenges faced by university casuals working with disability and chronic illness.  This piece was written for us before the Federal budget was announced this week. There has been a lot of commentary on higher education reforms which we’ll be … Continue reading


Systemic (ir)responsibility in Australian universities

For those of us who are “Year-in:year-out” (YIYO’s) or “session-by-session” university teachers, the start of the new academic year is the time we all try to refocus on the joy of teaching. Session-by-session teachers have just finished four months in the summer semester wilderness waiting for the drought to break in the driest of professions. … Continue reading

Why I’m Here (Annalise)

I am here because my passion, yes, love, and concern for how higher education is done is still alive!  Somehow.  I am  here because I want the reality of being ‘a casual’ to be known much more widely.  I am also here because this is a great initiative that may achieve good things. I studied … Continue reading