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Session’s over (Part 2: Improving Our Lot)

SURVEY: What are your strategies for getting sessional teaching work? A few of us will already have informal offers of work for Spring 2014. But not me. So I’m interested in discovering how others are able to find teaching work. Here is a survey I’m happy to share (the results will appear once you’ve completed … Continue reading


Session’s over (Part 1: now what?)

At the end of session we’re suffering from marking fatigue, and for the lucky ones, getting ready for that “nice little trip away” during the break. But alas, the time has now come for Round Two of the 2014 Tutor Hunger Games—to begin our ritual of humiliation all over again in hopes of finding work next … Continue reading

The Tutor Hunger Games

As a follow up to my recent article on the realities of ‘systemic irresponsibility’ in universities, which has also been picked up in Richard Hall’s UK blog, this week I’m reflecting on my personal experience of being pitted against my YIYO colleagues in the search for work after the long drought of summer. Speaking from … Continue reading

Systemic (ir)responsibility in Australian universities

For those of us who are “Year-in:year-out” (YIYO’s) or “session-by-session” university teachers, the start of the new academic year is the time we all try to refocus on the joy of teaching. Session-by-session teachers have just finished four months in the summer semester wilderness waiting for the drought to break in the driest of professions. … Continue reading