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A few words

What to say in the aftermath of this piece. In his mid-40s, John had worked as a casual university tutor since finishing his PhD in philosophy 15 years ago. Passed over a few times for tenured jobs, he was a long-term member of the academic reserve army, the members of which perform around half of … Continue reading

It gets worse

This post is co-authored by Jonathan O’Donnell of The Research Whisperer and by Kate Bowles and  Karina Luzia of CASA. It has been cross-posted to both blogs. We’re glad to be back in action at CASA — we had to take a break, and we’ve used the time to reflect on how best we can work together to achieve real change, … Continue reading

Dear Lecturers

In time for the start of semester across Australian universities, we have an open letter from a new contributor with some practical advice for supporting casual tutors. Dear Lecturers in the Australian tertiary system, I am a casual tutor, who has worked in four universities in New South Wales since 2009. I am writing to share my experience and to … Continue reading

What’s in a name?

Lovely to welcome Robyn May back to CASA this week. Robyn’s going to be speaking in Melbourne at an NTEU seminar on national and global trends in academic casualisation, on Thursday evening. For those who can’t make a Melbourne event, it’ll be live tweeted to the #auscasuals hashtag from 7pm AEST, and there should be a chance … Continue reading

The Survey and the Damage Done

Student surveys and teaching evaluation methods used are emerging as a hot issue amongst casual academics who rely on positive feedback as they teeter on the edge of unemployment. Just days after writing this post it appeared as the topic on #Adjunctchat.  The various locations and institutions of the participants in discussions such as these reveal … Continue reading

The Tutor Hunger Games

As a follow up to my recent article on the realities of ‘systemic irresponsibility’ in universities, which has also been picked up in Richard Hall’s UK blog, this week I’m reflecting on my personal experience of being pitted against my YIYO colleagues in the search for work after the long drought of summer. Speaking from … Continue reading